Wednesday, December 30, 2015

pastel vibezzzz


so, i'm really digging this nail polish from madam glam. this color is called pastel sky, and i'm loving it. if you wanna check out more madam glam click here :) also, here is a 30% off code you can use "taylorrice30"

now, throwback to a couple weeks ago, i went to the 1975 concert and it was very very fun aaaand pretty <3

now about a week ago, hahahaha um, i went to disneyland, which is the most magical place ever btw

AND lastly my sister left me for the dominican republic :/ she'll be gone for 18 months and she won't have a phone, computer, tv, social media or anything, so she's very brave, i could never do that. but i'll miss her and she'll do great things there. here are some of our last moments before she left  :(