Friday, May 26, 2017

moody girls

we're moody !! : )

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

omg every1 suxx l8r haterzzz !! :p

top : urban outfitters
shorts : nasty gal
sunglasses : urban outfitters
earrings : etsy
shoes : nasty gal

My life has been a constant go go go the last year. I've been going to college full-time and work as a manager at a retail store so that's partly why I haven't been blogging so much lately :/ I came up with the idea of this little photo shoot, got ready, and completed it all in an hour just for fun :) My boyfriend took the photos of me and I took the rest :p We didn't have time to go anywhere so I thought why not take photos in my room lol. I have so many ideas and plan to make more time to blog because I really miss it :( I always for sure stay updated on my pinterest so follow me there <3