Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This is an outfit for one of those days where its cold and rainy but you don't want to look too dark and dull!

Sweatshirt: HOLLISTER, Vest: VINTAGE, Jeggings: AMERICAN EAGLE, Boots: STEVE MADDEN, Headband: FOREVER 21, Ear Cuff: CLAIRES

For my top I wanted to be a little bright so I wore a yellow sweatshirt but it's plain by itself so I added a denim vest which also makes it more stylish and warmer too! I almost wore denim jeans which would have been a mistake it wouldn't have gone well together at all so I added in patterned pants! I love how the outfit is little dark and the yellow sweatshirt just pops out to the eye.
I wore this headband because the jeans were white with spots of black and I wanted it to contrast so I wore a black headband with spots of white. I just put my hair up in a loose ponytail since I knew it was going to rain and my hair would get messed up anyways!

 These boots work very well for those rainy days and are very durable. But you could substitute these boots for rain boots if it's pouring rain.
 This is one of the ear cuffs I had in my last haul and I love them! I have been obsessed with them for a while but have never gotten any till recently! For my earrings the are just a cat face and I thought added some adorableness to the outfit!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Jacket: Vintage, Underneath Jacket: Juicy Couture, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Dr. Martens, Backpack: Deena & Ozzy (from Urban Outfitters), Rings: Brandy Melville

This look reminds me of a grungy lumberjack. Weird huh? 

 This bag I use for school most of the time for school. I have been using it since the beginning of the school year and everyday I still get comments on it because of the spikes, you should seriously hear some of them... haha. I love it. It gives an edge to my looks.

 My rings from Brandy Melville, which look so vintage.
 Then my lovely Dr. Martens.

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