Thursday, January 31, 2013



 My cardigan is from Urban Outfitters. Its a creme color. Its big and loose just like its buttons which I love. The scarf is from Urban Outfitters. It has a really cool crochet pattern with green, tan, hot pink, gray, white, and little spots of black. Here I just wrapped it around once. My tank top is from American Eagle and its baby blue.

The gold infinity ring is from Brandy Melville. The rest of the rings are gold with different colored square gems. These ones are from Forever 21.

My shoes are from Nordstrom. These I feel like are an essential piece in every ones wardrobe. It matches with so much and you can pair it with so many outfits and it always looks stylish. My jeggings are from American Eagle. They are very simple and light washed.

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Monday, January 28, 2013


Top: FOREVER 21, Skirt: DOWNEAST BASICS, Shoes: JC PENNEY, Necklace and Ring: FOREVER 21.
First my necklace is from Forever 21 along with  the shirt. The necklace has a gold chain with big light and dark turquoise tear drop shaped stones and also outlined in gold. The style is similar to a bib necklace. The style of necklace really compliments with the plain black sheer shirt. It looks like it would have a collar but it doesn't. It has to pockets in the front.

 The ring is from Forever 21 also and the band of the ring is gold like the necklace and has a cool detailing in it. The stone in the middle reminds me of a galaxy. Its a very deep purple with sparkles inside which I love.
 My shoes are from JC Penney. They are just simple classic black pumps. I think they are just cute and adorable.

My skirt is from DownEast Basics. I really like it because of all of its interesting details it has.
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dress design

I've been really sick this week so I haven't posted that much :/ So I just decided I would post one of the dress designs I started on today:) The top of the dress has a sweetheart neckline also its tight and cut in with thin sleeves. It's also cinched at the waist and has the peplum style and then as the dress gets longer its more like a pencil skirt. Thanks for coming to my blog!

Monday, January 21, 2013

good vs evil


 In this post I have 2 outfits. The one I'm in is more light, cute, and girly. But then I styled my friend and made her more dark, grunge, and mysterious. 

My shirt is from Urban Outfitters but the brand is Kimchi Blue. It's short sleeved and is scooped in the front with a pocket. Its a lace and a cream color. My skirt is from Brandy Melville and it has tiny white flowers all over it with pink centers and brown leaves. It's the heather skirt style and its elastic around. My tights are from Forever 21 they are cream and lace just like my shirt! 

 The two rings on the left are both from Brandy Melville. The first one is a copper gold color and is the infinity symbol and is super in with teenage girls right now. My next one reminds me of vintage and its also a copper gold color with a cherry red stone in it which matches  with my shoes OMG. The ring on the right is from Forever 21. It's a lower case for for my name Taylor or a cross whatever way you want to see it :). Its a more brighter gold with little rhinestones in it.

My shoes are cherry red Dr. Martens which I'm in love with and I decided to keep the unlaced but not have the laces dragging on the ground so I don't trip, well I hope no one would purposely want to trip...


Me just being weird and petting a fake duck...

Here is my friend Kayleigh and I styled her a more darker style with her camouflage jacket and black corset top. Then we added in the red lipstick to really make the outfit pop! Also added some edgy rings and a necklace.

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Friday, January 18, 2013


Headwrap: FOREVER 21, Short sleeve shirt: FREE PEOPLE, Long sleeved shirt: BRANDY MELVILLE, Bracelet: CHARMING CHARLIE, Jeggings: AMERICAN EAGLE, Boots: DR. MARTENS, Rings: BRANDY MELVILLE & AMERICAN EAGLE.

My headwrap is from Forever 21. Its knotted and a shimmery dark blue color.
The tie dye shirt is from Free People. It's has some flow to it. Its a small v-neck but a little deep down in the cut. Then under that I work a long sleeve cropped black shirt with light stripes from Brandy Melville. Also its extremely soft beware. My jeggings are from American Eagle. They are neon yellow which makes them so bright and poppin.

These Dr. Martens are Cherry Red and I LOVE THEM. I personally think they look cool untied but I wear them both tied and untied. Need to get more soon getting really obsessed with docs.
Rings have been really in for me right now. I'm a super ring junkie. I just love stacking them on. The turquoise, labyrinth, and engraved ring are from Brandy and the thin silver on is from AEO.
This bracelet is from Charming Charlie and my friend got it for me. Its neon  just like my jeggings which is awesome. 

I think that's it! I hope everyone has a super cool dAY! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

keep lookin up

Hayyy guys. Got a new outfit that I just felt like showing to you. Ill just explain the outfit BELOW!

First off I have my HEADBAND.  Lately I have really been loving bows and went on a hunt  and I found a lot of cute bow items and this is one of them! This headband is from FOREVER 21. This headwrap is  black and white stripped its elastic and a double layered bow is attached. I  think it's super adorable!

Next off I have my bleached denim long sleeve shirt. This shirt is from American Eagle and so is the tank top under is. The cream shirt under has a sheer layer with another layer under it. The shirt also has a peplum style to it.

Next my RINGS are all from BRANDY MELVILLE and FOREVER 21.First the thin silver one has little engravings in it and its from Brandy. Next my fox ring is from Forever it's silver and storybook inspired. Next the one on my left pointer finger has small turquoise stones and has a silver band which is from Brandy. Then lastly my silver labyrinth ring is also from the one and only Brandy Melville :)
My jeggings are from TILLYS. They are RSQ miami jeggings. They are also a pretty plum color!
LASTLY these shoes are one of my FAVS! They are from STEVE MADDEN. They are black combat boots with silver spikes on the heel and the front of the shoes. They are laced up but also have a zipper on the inside of them. I'm in LOVE with these shoes there AMAZING!

Thanks to my amazing photographer Kayleigh!!!!

Thanks for reading my blog! and when your down remember to always keep looking up to find the good!

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