Sunday, April 20, 2014

happy easter :)

 Necklace: FOREVER 21

In this outfit, there is a mix of girly, with a bit of an edge vibe; from my spiked necklace, to wedges and a circle skirt.

  I'm really liking the knit pattern in this top from Aeropostale. I love the forest green color, and how it's cropped with quarter sleeves. This top is perfect for spring and summer!

 The elephant pattern is adorable on this Aeropostale skater skirt. I think it goes well with the pairing of the top!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

RAGS EXCHANGE - buy & sell upcycled designer/vintage clothing

  Okay, so I know everyone just loves to get rid of their clothes of the past and purchase new findings, but sometimes it can be difficult to get back equal or better to what you exchanged or sold. If you are in this similar situation, there is the perfect place to buy and sell upcycled designer and vintage fashion. This unique marketplace is Rags Exchange. Rags Exchange makes sure the clothes you're getting are the best quality and in good condition, so you get back clothes of good value! It's perfect for making money, or saving money on quality fashion purchases.

If you're concerned about having to spend a lot of money on this, listings are completely FREE! Users can list photos, which is also free! Up to 5 photos may be added per item, so if a user has 10 items, that's 50 photos. Rags only gets 5% commission on items sold, which is crazy little. There is this super cool feature called "Name Your Price" where buyers can negotiate with sellers! Another mentionable feature is buyers can search by their individual style (e.g. bohemian, classic, designer, etc). Also, items can be marked down for clearance, another really awesome feature! There is one more thing, Rags has a promotion going - where women can get the chance to win $1000 by signing up for a account!

Rags Exchange also has a blog, which is devoted to celebrating the unique character of  everyday women. The blog is The concept is that true style comes from within. Style comes from knowing who you are and accepting yourself. The blog covers fashion, but more importantly the unique individual wearing the clothes. It's filled with articles 
and stories from everyday people. A big part of looking cool and stylish has to come from the inner character and the self-assurance of knowing who you are. The idea is that all women should strive to be who they really are!

Everyone should go visit Rags Exchange and Style Actually Blog <3