Wednesday, February 27, 2013

all flowers and boho

Sweater: BDG (from Urban Outfitters), Top: American Eagle, Jeans: MEK (from Buckle), Shoes: Forever 21, Headband: Forever 21, Rings: Brandy Melville & Forever 21, Bracelet and Necklace: Not sure :(

 I love this bracelet it's very unique all the side are different colors and designs! I'm not sure where it's from though because my friend gave it to me.

This is a close up of the fabric in the cardigan. It's a mix of mustard yellow and white.

This necklace really fits in the color scheme. It's long so sometimes I wrap it around twice or just leave it long. It actually looks similar to the bracelet.

 This headband completes the boho look. It has a floral pattern and has a knot at the front. I wore it across my forehead to get the bohemian vibe.

This is the back of the shirt. It's a pretty floral lace pattern which matches the flower on the front of the shirt.

The two outside rings are from Brandy Melville. The ring in the middle is from Forever 21. I thought the yellow one matched a little with the cardigan and the left ring matched with my shirt.

 The shoes are pretty simple. I thought they should be with all the different colors already going on.

These are what my jeans look like at the back pocket.

 This was another option of hairstyle I did. This is just a fishtail I did. I might make a Youtube video about how I do my fishtail. If you guys think I should comment and let me know what you think :)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I like polka dots


 Sweater: Pins and Needles (from Urban Outfitters), Shirt: Target, Jeggings: American Eagle, Shoes: Cathy Jean, Purse: Nordstrom, Necklace: Forever 21, Headband: American Eagle, Rings: Brandy Melville & Forever 21

My necklace to me gives off an aztec feel. I like to play with the chains danging from it haha :) The shirt bohemian and relaxing and I love that. I think the floral strip in the center and bordering the top of the shirt looks cool with it's blocking style. The color of it with the floral pattern is super pretty.

This purse is from Nordstrom. I love love love the long shoulder strap. The color matches with about anything. The pockets are adorable.

I was debating on what boots to wear with this outfit and these are almost about the same color as my purse so I was like this works! Also the length looked good with these jeggings.

 The four outer rings are from Forever 21 and the middle one is from Brandy Melville. I thought the colors matched well :)

I got this headband from American Eagle in Elementary school. It's kind of insane that I still have it but I do lol! ( I don't know why I just put lol I never do awkward...) anyways. I haven't worn it in forever but I have kept it because I have always thought it was so cute and just didn't know what to wear it with but today I thought why not so I wore it!!!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY Flower Crown

(Sweater: Brandy Melville, Rings: Forever 21 & Brandy Melville)

 So I made this DIY Flower Crown tutorial almost a week ago but then I got a concussion so I haven't had time to post it but I'm starting to feel a little better today so I'm posting it now! This is a perfect piece for spring! Above is the link to the tutorial video and below is just explaining what you need :)


         HEADBAND (mines from Walmart)

      FAKE FLOWERS (mine are from Michaels)


                     HOT GLUE GUN

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

spring is on it's way

Dress: Reverse, Jewelry: Forever 21 and Charming Charlie, Shoes: Call It Spring, Belt: can't remember either Walmart or Forever 21

I decided to do a spring outfit since it's starting to get warmer and I just want it to be spring!!! :)

    This dress is perfect for spring with it's floral pattern and bright colors! In the back it has a cute cut out crossed pattern.

These rings fit with the colorful pattern of this outfit!

  Wedges wear lovely in the spring. Wedges are one of my favorite types of shoes!
I layered to bracelets together. The spike one is from Forever 21 and the yellow one is from Charming Charlie. I choose them to wear with this outfit because they are bright and bold!
Makeup: Eyeshadow: Beauty Gems Treasure Chest, Lipstick: NYX in color Rose

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Find A Fashionista Friday #2



Her gold leafy bib necklace is from Forever 21.

Her cute striped sweater is from Express.


Her skirt is actually a dress but she just layered her sweater over it. The dress is from Plastic Island.

Her tights and combat boots are from Target. I love the vintage feel of her whole outfit! It's so girly and adorable. 
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

spikes and everything nice

Headband: Forever 21, Sweater: Store in Chicago, Purse: Teen Vogue (got it with magazine subscription) :) Ring: Forever 21, Skirt: Brandy Melville, Tights: Forever 21, Boots: Steve Madden

My headband is this black leathery material with silver spikes! I have a strong love for spikes ask anyone I know I love my spikes... :) If you want to add a little edge to an outfit this is the perfect piece or maybe a little spike bracelet! This one is from Forever 21!
 In this outfit I have a couple spots of red. Originally I wore this outfit with a bunch of silver rings but I wanted to add more to the red theme so I wore this ring instead!
 My navy blue crew neck sweatshirt was purchased in a little shop in Chicago a couple years ago. I went there for a gymnastics competition. It's amazing there I want to go back so badly!

 My skirt is red with these super cute white sunflowers! My tights are black with see through disarranged plus signs. I think this pattern is different but looks cool.

So I got this envelope clutch purse from subscribing to Teen Vogue which was really awesome! I have an obsession for fashion pieces with zippers so I love how it has the zipper design on it!
 My shoes are Steve Madden. I remember I found them before they even came out in store and I wanted them so badly ever since. But then I finally got them for Christmas. I was flipping out when I finally got them! I love how they match with my spike headband :)

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Sunday, February 10, 2013


 Shirt: ALC, Skirt: DOWNEAST BASICS, Shoes: DEENA & OZZY got from URBAN OUTFITTERS, Sunglasses: FOREVER 21, Rings: FOREVER 21

 For my shirt it was a little low in the buttoning area and I wanted it to be buttoned to the top so I pinned it three times. It's just a pretty light pink with a wrinkly material. I tucked it in my skirt. It was my moms she was going to give away but then I took it...The sunglasses give off a very retro feel which I love.            

The pattern of my skirt reminds me of the 70's and I don't know why. One of my rings has a pearl in the center the other is hard to explain it's a creamy white sphere with small indents in it. I'ts so pretty. 

Inspirations for beehive hairstyle


For my hair all I used was bobby pins.

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