Sunday, August 25, 2013

The time I met Keegan Allen from Pretty Little Liars!

Hey Everyone!!!
So I haven't been able to post an outfit in a while I have been very busy this week. I thought I would post about something that happened this Saturday!

So here it begins... So normally every time I have met a celebrity it's been either I worked with them, my uncle worked with them, or total coincidence. But this time I went to a meet and greet. The event was to support anti-bullying. It was one of my first times going to one of these. I wouldn't normally go to these things but it was to supporting anti-bully and of course KEEGAN ALLEN I mean come on it was a no brainer going. Also he is from my favorite TV shows Pretty Little Liars! So meeting him was absolutely insane. So the first 1500 people there could get the chance to meet him. The time you could start lining up was 9 am and that's when you could get the pass to meet him. But the event started at 1 pm and went till 4 so if you wanted to meet him early you needed to stay in line so we got there a little after 9, got a pass, and had to stay till he came to meet him. The place was actually really nice and cute with cool stores so it wasn't too bad waiting. There was an awesome candy store next to the line so I went inside to look and after walked back to the line. When I walked back to the line I realized something I was looking at in the store was still in my hand. I started to flip out I had not done it intentionally and never had stolen anything in my life. I felt so scared I started sprinting back yelling "I stole!". Half way there I realized there was security everywhere for the meet and greet and probably not the smartest thing to be yelling after you accidentally stole something so I started to quiet down. When I went back in I started to shuffle in and did a fast walk through the store (and of course it had to be at the end of the store). I put it back quietly then dashed out of there. I felt like a criminal or something but felt so much better once it was over. At 1 pm when he got there he started to answer some questions about Pretty Little Liars it was very hard to hear it though :/ There were so many people there it was overwhelming. Then when he started to meet with people everyone decided to form into a mush and get out of a line leaving me squished between people (not the best feeling). Good thing I was close to the front so I could get out of there faster. At the beginning of it people got to get pictures and autographs including me but about right after I left they stopped pictures because it was taking to much time I think so I'm pretty lucky to get a picture! He is literally perfection in real life it's crazy. Also his eyes are so so so gorgeous! It was pretty much an all around amazing day! Sorry for the gross picture of me it was horrible lighting, I was waiting outside in the cold wind and then the heat for hours, and they had to take it quick so I wasn't prepared haha!

Thanks for reading I should have more fashion posts up soon! :)

Monday, August 19, 2013


Sweater: URBAN OUTFITTERS, Shorts: FOREVER 21, Boots: BP NORDSTROM, NECKLACE: from a bookstore near me

 I was with my mom recently and I saw this necklace and I thought it was precious so I showed my mom and she loved it so she had to get for me so thanks mom! 

 I love how this sweater part way through the sleeves is sheer and and the end it goes back into the knit material! Also the knit part throughout the whole sweater is thin and a little sheer so I wore just a black tank under it! 

Detail of the cream lace floral shorts.
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Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm on! + Update :)

I'm on!!!

Hey that's me hehe! :) Click HERE to see it!

For this whole week I haven't been able to post because I have been super busy and it was also my first week back to school! More will be posted soon and I will have something posted for sure Monday morning! Thank you again to everyone who reads and supports my blog! :)

Taylor <3

Sunday, August 11, 2013

We have everything.


These sandals are definitely one of my favorites pairs this summer!

                                                SOOO in LOVE with this oatmeal colored cardigan from Aeropostale! It's super soft and comfy! Perfect for the upcoming fall weather :)    

 I adore this fabulous set of rings from Aeropostale. This is how I decided to wear them!

The detailing on my top.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013



 Obsessed with these bangles from Aeropostale, and I can pair them with almost any outfit!
 The tank top under the lace top!

 My favorite wedges!

I just wore my hair half up, half down, and curled it with a curling wand. Also, if you can't tell my hair is lighter because I got highlights!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

python print

Jacket: DELIAS
 Jeggings: FOREVER 21

Stylettox is an online store that sells the most amazing heels! They're high quality Italian design and absolutely fabulous. Everyone check out their website by clicking HERE, OR ON THE LOGO ABOVE!

 I'm obsessed with all the hints of the snake skin design!

 I love love love this statement necklace from American Eagle!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

let's go on a trip

 Shoes: DR. MARTENS 

I thought a bun suit this outfit well.

 This ring is from Forever 21.

These rings are from Urban Outfitters.

 My favorite purse!

Also, if you wanted to change it to more of a fall outfit you could add some basic colored knee high socks, change from high waisted shorts to high waisted pants, or even roll down the sleeves. These are just some ideas that I had!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

playing with pastels

Bralette: AEROPOSTALE (CLICK HERE SEE WHERE YOU CAN BUY IT YOURSELF! :), Top: FOREVER 21 (Love 21 section), Skirt: FOREVER 21, SHOES: Call It Spring, Ear Cuff: CLAIRE'S, Ring: BRANDY MELVILLE, Bracelet: FOREVER 21

This mint high to low skirt is amazing!!! I love it paired with this peach color top which I just tucked in the skirt. 

I am absolutely obsessed with this bralette from Aeropostale! The lace is so pretty and it's perfect for under sheer or low cut shirts! It's also very comfy! This is where it show from the low dip in the arm holes.  If you want this bralette for yourself click HERE!!! There are also other colors and patterns!

 This is the back of the shirt which is sheer and I love how it shows the bralette!

                                                  I just got this ear cuff from Claire's this week and I'm in LOVE! I have wanted one with a chain for a while and this one is so cute and it's a butterfly!!!                                                    

 I have accepted mixing silvers and golds so now I do it sometimes but it doesn't always look good!

 For my hair I just had it natural.

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