Monday, January 28, 2013


Top: FOREVER 21, Skirt: DOWNEAST BASICS, Shoes: JC PENNEY, Necklace and Ring: FOREVER 21.
First my necklace is from Forever 21 along with  the shirt. The necklace has a gold chain with big light and dark turquoise tear drop shaped stones and also outlined in gold. The style is similar to a bib necklace. The style of necklace really compliments with the plain black sheer shirt. It looks like it would have a collar but it doesn't. It has to pockets in the front.

 The ring is from Forever 21 also and the band of the ring is gold like the necklace and has a cool detailing in it. The stone in the middle reminds me of a galaxy. Its a very deep purple with sparkles inside which I love.
 My shoes are from JC Penney. They are just simple classic black pumps. I think they are just cute and adorable.

My skirt is from DownEast Basics. I really like it because of all of its interesting details it has.
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