Friday, July 26, 2013


Headband: FOREVER 21, Top: URBAN OUTFITTERS (brand: Sparkle & Fade), Shorts: AMERICAN EAGLE, Shoes: CONVERSE, Ring: FOREVER 21
 I love love love this peplum top!!! I forgot to take a picture of the back of it but it has a zipper and anyone who knows me well knows I have a deep love for tops with zippers hahah!

I absolutely ADORE this headband! I remember getting this when I went on a bow shopping obsession!!! I think what makes it fit with this outfit is the polka dots in the top and the white goes with the shorts and I'm also wearing a bow ring!

 This bow ring was given to me by my friend Olivia for my birthday last year! She has a beauty YouTube channel if you want to check it out click HERE

My fab high-tops.

  For my beauty look I decided to curl my hair with a curling wand for this girly look! For my eyeshadow I used the Naked 2 pallet. I did a small wing on my lid. I couldn't find my basic red lipstick only a darker red so I first put on a Sephora light pink lipsgloss and a light nude pink lipstick then I put the dark red lipstick over it and then put the same light pink Sephora lipgloss for the top coat! I wanted to add the red lip for a pop of color since the rest of the outfit is black and white!

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  1. Super outfits and thank you for the follow!:) xo

  2. Cute outfit, I love that peplum top, very nice bow also! You look lovely!


  3. What an adorable outfit!!! :)


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