Thursday, July 17, 2014

new camera charger + new ootd = :)))

Romper: T A R G E T, Bracelets: A E RO P O S T A L E  &  A E R I E, Rings: (I can't remember where they are all from but I know one of them is from A M E R I C A N  E A G L E), Shoes: D E E N A  &  O Z Z Y (Bought from U R B A N  O U T F I T T E R S)

Okay so one of my favorite things about this romper is definitely the pockets. You can't really see them in the pictures but they are there hahaah :) I also really liked the lace pattern at the end of the romper.

The black bracelet is from Aeropostale and the blue on is from Aerie. One of my favorite trends for summer right now is layering accessories. I love to layer bracelets, rings, and necklaces :)))

The silver midi ring is from American Eagle and the purple on with flowers was a graduation present but I'm not sure where it's from.

I'm not sure where my midi ring with the blue stone is from but my other ring was given to me for my birthday a year or so ago and it's my birthstone <3

These wedges are a little different from most wedges. They still give you height but they go flat across instead of at a slant.

I finally got my new computer yay. I had also lost my camera charger but I got a new one so I can take pictures again which is obviously apparent :)))

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  1. You are like a doll. Love your styles. Satch is on 60% sale here in Australia ( ), since you inspire me a lot, I guess i will do some shopping later with the type of outfits you have!


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