Sunday, February 10, 2013


 Shirt: ALC, Skirt: DOWNEAST BASICS, Shoes: DEENA & OZZY got from URBAN OUTFITTERS, Sunglasses: FOREVER 21, Rings: FOREVER 21

 For my shirt it was a little low in the buttoning area and I wanted it to be buttoned to the top so I pinned it three times. It's just a pretty light pink with a wrinkly material. I tucked it in my skirt. It was my moms she was going to give away but then I took it...The sunglasses give off a very retro feel which I love.            

The pattern of my skirt reminds me of the 70's and I don't know why. One of my rings has a pearl in the center the other is hard to explain it's a creamy white sphere with small indents in it. I'ts so pretty. 

Inspirations for beehive hairstyle


For my hair all I used was bobby pins.

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