Sunday, June 30, 2013

Different ways I wear my plaid long sleeve shirts.

(This shirt is from American Eagle)

Hey guys!!! I just thought It would be fun to list a few of the ways I wear my plaid long sleeve shirts.

I love this style especially for spring and fall. I think it's so cute to just add a collar to sweaters and an easy way to do it is to just button the plaid long sleeve up to the top and layer a sweater over it. Also this makes you warmer for the colder days of the year by layering!

This is a way to make this outfit more casual by adding the long sleeve to a nice tank top. It's great for the cooler days of summer to add these long sleeves over a tank top and when it gets warmer you can just take it of or do whats in the picture below!
Another thing I like to do with these plaid long sleeves is to tie them long your waist with a cute t-shirt! It makes the outfit so much more stylish and layering is always a plus! You can also just tie them around your waist when your wearing a long sleeve button up and it gets hot!

That's it for today! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

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