Friday, June 7, 2013

NYX 'Mega Shine - Lovestruck' Lip Gloss Trio Giveaway

Hello Everyone!!! :)
So today has officially been a year since I have started my blog!!!!!!!! To celebrate I decided to have a giveaway! :) I am giving away the NYX 'Mega Shine - Lovestruck' Lip Gloss Trio!!! I'm just going to get to the point in how to enter to win!

For every site you follow me on including: GFC, Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube you get an extra entry! Also you will get 3 more entries if you tweet: Everyone go check out the NYX' Mega Shine - Lip Gloss Trio Giveaway at :) @taylorrice96 

So leave a comment listing your username for all the sites you follow me on so I can check and also comment what you would like to see!

Just click on them to go to the sites!

INSTAGRAM username: taylorrice96

TWITTER username: taylorrice96

PINTEREST username: taylorrice96

YOUTUBE username: taylorricefashion

The last day to enter is June 25th so don't wait too long! Then I will pick the winner randomly and announce it on June 26th!

That's it!

Thank you so much for coming to my blog it means a lot!!! <3


  1. I just entered!

    GFC- Lisa (thelovelymemoir)
    Pinterest- Thelovelymemoir
    Bloglovin- Thelovelymemor

  2. Pinterest Username: pouraqva, URL:, Name: Anna Wang


    Bloglovin’ Name: Anna W, URL:, Username: vostramur

    Tweeted here:

    Followed you on Twitter: @AnnaIsNotReal

    Youtube Subscribed as: Anna Wang

    GFC Member as: Anna Wang

  3. Wow, congrats! What an amazing accomplishment. Love your blog and followed you on bloglovin' and would love for you to return the favor :) Those lip glosses are amaze!

    xx Elizabeth
    Champaign Taste


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